The Church Broadcast Entity (CBE)


With host, Chris Robrahn

Providing positive and meaningful support

in your quest to improve your exercise and health.

The goal being a healthy body, mind and spirit!

Season 8 programs continue,  new shows through fall, 2021

Season #9  renewal,   January, 2022.


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COVID-19 has changed our schedule:   listen to the "Spirit of Fitness" on the  
CBE,  season 5, 6 and podcasts to be coming!

8th season contributor:   Join Brad Johnson as he talks about bodyweight training and his days with competitive 




Welcome to the "Spirit of Fitness" website!  We appreciate you checking out the site and listening to our show on the CBE.  Please let us know if you have any fitness questions or comments!


Christopher B. Robrahn

 Senior Contributor:
James S. Eicher 



I am a Kansas native, recently retired

from the U.S. Army (after 23 years of service).  My primary job in the Army was as a "JAG" (Judge Advocate officer / attorney).  I was honored to serve in the Army and was privileged to travel to many "far flung" regions, to twice deploy, and to work with all sorts of people.  One thing is for sure:  "You've got to be fit to fight - and win!"  That's true both for the military and the battles of life!  What are your top priorities in life?  Where does "fitness" and "wellness" enter into the picture?  We look forward to hearing from you!  BE FIT!  BE HAPPY!  BE WELL!  BE A WARRIOR IV LIFE!!!



Show 4.22 - 4.24 of Season #4, the show celebrated 100 shows with recurring guests.  Podcasts coming!






School psychologist,  former gymnast and author of the book,  "Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength" (and guest on show 4.17),  Brad Johnson,   returns in Season #8 as one of the shows contributors.   Welcome Brad!